Drink Mead: Save a Bee!

Bronto Mead is meadery that specializes in the creation and distribution of mead. Mead is made from honey; honey is made from bees. So you can say that we (along with all of the other meaderies around the globe) survive and thrive on the bee population.

If you were to look at our blog “Bees: the Endangered Species” we went into some detail on colony collapse disorder and how local and national organizations are teaming up to combat it. The Bronto Mead Team understands that it does not survive if the bee population dwindles. We are also very aware of the ecological impacts we would be faced with should farmers not have the bee population it needs for producing crops.

As a business that thrives on its community members and the bees, we thought about how we wanted to be a part of the solution of keeping colonies strong. Our first idea was to have our own apiary…we just won’t have one for a while. Then we thought about hosting community events to raise awareness…again that takes some time and we wanted to start doing something immediately. We decided to start simple and create a donation box and put it in our tasting room. You will find it at our counter. All of the proceeds go to the San Diego Bee Keeping Society, which is a local group dedicated to the art and hobby of beekeeping.  Please visit their webpage to stay connected to their local events, especially their MeetUp group.

Bronto Mead is always looking for ways to support its local apiaries and community members. If you would like to connect with us to promote these efforts, please contact Deanna at (916) 479-3121.

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