Mead Day 2017

On August 5th, people across the nation were celebrating Mead Day. This is a day that marks not only the creation but the revival of this traditional beverage that, as evidence suggests, predates all others.

Mead is finally making a come back and instead of fighting for attention, San Diego’s Meaderies are working together to show the public that mead exists and is as incredible as it sounds: Beowolf and Middle Earth were not boasting and consuming a beverage that was lore…they were consuming a beverage that has been around for at least 8,000 years, and we are finding amazing ways to share it with the world.

In San Diego, Bronto Mead and other meaderies including Golden Coast, Meadiocrity, and Twisted Horn opened their doors to educate and familiarize the public on mead in all of its glory. There are other meaderies that are due to open soon, including Hidden Hive, Lost Cause, Mjodhall, Raging Mead, and Honey Pot in Orange County. All of us should be able to celebrate Mead Day together in 2018.

Bronto Mead chose to celebrate Mead Day by putting together a Trivia Night on all things mead. We had a lucky couple who took home a bottle of our Jurassic Berry. IMG_20170809_165903_921There were patrons who came in the middle of the trivia event and wanted to be a part of it…so we are looking to have more trivia nights at Bronto Mead, along with board game nights, Meet Up Group nights, discussion group nights, Public Tasting nights, and the list goes on. meetupgroups

Mead is making itself known and we hope that we are doing right by the craft beverage industry and the residents in San Diego by bringing it into your life so you have the opportunity to share it with others. Remember, a friend with mead is a friend indeed!

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